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About us

My Story

Hey there, I’m Aarti, the driving force behind The Space Curator, your go-to home organiser company. Based in the tranquil suburb of Northwest London, Pinner, I live with my husband and two amazing children. Life’s chaos? Yeah, I get it.

The Space Curator was born in September 2020 when I realised how much my decluttered and organised home boosted my mental well-being. As a busy full-time working mum, I craved some ‘ME time’ and wanted to dodge the constant “Mummy/Aarti, where’s this or that?” If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got your back!

In 2020, we revamped our 1930’s semi-detached home, sparking a change in how we live. I decided to keep it in order by holding onto only what we love, need, and use, and creating systems where everything has a spot.

This overhaul had a profound impact on our lifestyle. We reclaimed precious TIME—no more hectic tidying after playdates, just minutes of the kids pitching in because everything had a place. Plus, we cut down on DECISION FATIGUE. Choosing outfits, meals, and toys became a breeze since we could see everything we owned.

We also saved MONEY by cutting waste and living sustainably. This journey brought newfound freedom and mental wellbeing. Our home became clutter-free, and our household dynamics shifted—we all pitched in to maintain a calmer, more organised space.

Inspired to share these benefits, I launched The Space Curator. with my passion for designing bespoke and beautiful storage solutions, I’ve helped so many others achieve a decluttered, organised and calm space.

Ready to reclaim your space and enjoy the perks of a clutter-free life? Let’s chat.

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Our services

What we do

We offer a range of services from decluttering and organising a small room to an entire home unpack service. We also offer our clients a fully bespoke professional organising services including design and sourcing of all storage solutions. For more information visit our service page or simply contact us.

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