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Declutter and Organise Your Medicine Cabinet


As the seasons change, so do our needs – and that includes our medicine cabinet. With the weather shifting in London, it’s important to ensure that your medicine cabinet is ready to support you and your family’s health during this transitional time. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of organising and decluttering tips for  your medicine cabinet, providing you with easy-to-follow steps that will help you create a functional and efficient space. As a trusted London-based professional organiser, we understand the unique challenges of urban living and will provide you with practical solutions tailored to your needs.

Step 1: Assessing and Sorting

Take everything out of the medicine cabinet

Sort items into categories: over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, first aid supplies, personal care products, etc.

Step 2: Discarding and Decluttering Expired and Unused Medications

Check expiration dates and discard any expired medications

Properly dispose of unused or unneeded medications by taking them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal

Step 3: Create a List of Medications to Re-Order/Replace

Now that you’ve assessed your medicine cabinet and discarded any expired or unused medications, it’s time to take inventory and ensure you have an ample supply of essential medications. By creating a list of medications that require re-ordering or replacement, you’ll be able to stay on top of your family’s healthcare needs.

Step 4: Organising for Accessibility

Use clear container or dividers to group similar items together and categorise. Category Ideas

  • Adult medications
  • Children’s Medications
  • First Aid Kit
  • Cold and Flu
  • Vitamins
  • Topical medications
  • Prescription medications

Place frequently used medications and supplies at eye level and within reach.

Pill Boxes, such as these below from boots will help you stay organised for daily tablets/ vitamins you make take—mobility+%7E+daily+living+aids—pill+boxes+%7E+organisers+

Step 5: Labelling and Inventory Management

Label each category or section within the cabinet for easy identification

Create an inventory list to track items and prevent duplicate purchases

Step 6: Safety First

Store medications out of reach of children in a locked cabinet or high-up location

Keep medications in their original packaging or clearly labeled containers

Review storage guidelines for each medication to maintain efficacy and prevent adverse effects


Congratulations! You have successfully organised and decluttered your medicine cabinet for the change of seasons. By following these easy-to-implement steps, your medicine cabinet will now be an efficient and accessible resource for your family’s health needs. As a London-based professional organised, we understand the importance of maintaining a calm and organised living environment. Remember to dispose of medications properly by taking them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Embrace the change of seasons with confidence, knowing that your organised medicine cabinet is ready to support your family’s wellbeing. If you need help get in touch with us today.

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